Meet James.
Betco® helped him keep a clean and safe work environment.


At Betco®, we understand what it takes to be as effective and efficient as you possibly can be in a manufacturing facility. We strive to provide programs to maintain a productive and healthy work environment.

Whether it’s parts washing, degreasing or industrial floor and surface cleaning, Betco® has what it takes to help get the toughest job done.

  • Products to improve product quality & effectiveness
  • Programs to reduce operating costs
  • Assistance with safety and regulatory compliance
Manufacturing Program

The Betco Manufacturing Program is specifically designed to create a positive experience for your customers, vendors and employees.

  • Asset Preservation
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Safety
  • Facility Impression
Industrial Degreasers
Designed for tough jobs, Betco’s Industrial Degreasers take over where all-purpose cleaners leave off. Formulated to instantly dissolve and emulsify heavy grease, carbon deposits, rubber burns, oil, ink and dirt accumulations.

Butyl Degreasers
  • Alkaline cleaners for fast effective cleaning of petroleum based soils.
Microbial Degreaser
  • Added advantage of microbes that aide in digesting organic material creating less issues downstream.
Non-butyl Degreasers
  • Very effective for removal of animal fats and food service greases.
Solvent Degreasers
  • Used to remove tar, asphalt, greases, oils, adhesives quickly with minimal residue.


Training Solutions

The Betco U Certification Program assists you in creating a safe and a consistent level of clean.

Online training consists of videos and exams for everything from disinfection to floor care to green cleaning, LEED Certifications and OSHA requirements.

  • Workbooks and training videos for each customized training module.
  • A signed certification for each module completion.
Skin Care: Industrial Solutions

Industrial Skin Care Products

Betco’s Triton™ Skin Care line gives you powerful cleansers to dissolve tough soils in mere seconds. The Triton™ Skin Care system is perfect for maintenance shops, factories, and facilities where a heavy duty cleaner is needed.


Triton™ Dispensers

Triton’s durable, yet practical dispensers set a new value in heavy duty and large quantity dispensing. The sleek durable ABS construction is strong and requires no maintenance. Factory sealed 2L or 4L bottles are easy to load, store and handle.

A solution for every area

Reduce your labor cost, increase efficiency, and still deliver a cleaner healthier environment.



  • Areas
  • Locker Room
  • Restrooms
  • Entry way / Lobby
  • Office Space and Hallways
  • Breakroom
  • Janitorial Closet
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Work Stations