Crete Rx™
Prescribing Excellence in Concrete Floor Maintenance


The Betco Crete Rx™ System is the simplest concrete system on the market. Achieve better looking floors, with a depth of gloss and stain resistance in less time.

  • Great gloss with no finish necessary – only one process for every level of concrete maintenance.
  • Superior stain protection – protectant layer repels stains, etching and other unsightly marks.
  • Advanced Technology – innovative process seamlessly integrates chemical, pads and tools to produce superior results.
Innovation that Floors You

The Crete Rx™ System is designed to provide ease of use, while also demonstrating superior results.

This system effectively combines:

  • Concrete cleaner
  • Sealant infused pads
  • Honing and Polishing Tools
  • Equipment
  • Innovative Chemical
Crete Rx™ System Technology

The Crete Rx™ System uses a three-step process to remove wear, build gloss and protect against stain.


Crete Rx™ System Maintenance

Whether your floors are newly polished or worn from traffic, the Crete Rx™ system will ensure your floors have the superior “Crete Rx™ Gloss”.


The Crete Rx™ – Concrete Polishing Machine

The Crete Rx CP30 – Concrete Polishing Machine

Do more projects that make you shine.

The Crete Rx™ CP30’s aggressive action, as part of Betco’s exclusive Crete Rx™ Concrete System, builds unmatched depth of gloss in the shortest amount of time. This will allow you to complete more projects and shine in the process. While the Crete Rx™ System can be performed solely with an automatic scrubber, the CP30 will allow you to complete the steps up to 10X faster.

  • Propane machine that restores and polishes previously polished concrete.
  • Delivers significant labor savings by drastically reducing the number of passes required to rejuvenate polished concrete floors.
  • Produces highest depth of gloss.



Crete Rx CRP


Dual-action counter-rotating plate significantly enhances the performance and productivity of standard floor machines for small areas and remediation projects.

Crete Rx Tool Adapter Pad


This tool adapter pad allows Crete Rx tools to be attached to single and dual disk auto scrubbers up to 32-inch or 17 and 20-inch floor machines.

Calculate your Savings

Unlike other systems, the Crete Rx™ System only uses one process for every level of concrete maintenance. Use the cost calculator to determine your savings on supplies and labor by investing in the Crete Rx™ System.